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5 facts about apartheid

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5 facts about apartheid

Apartheid does not happen spontaneously, like bad weather conditions. Jonathan Kozol. Abhorrence of apartheid is a moral attitude, not a policy. Edward Heath. All of my life had been spent in the shadow of apartheid.

Mandela created a great impact on people, by 1976 people all over the world started to join anti-apartheid groups and supported the idea to end Apartheid. Mandela was later released from jail. Later in 1994 the elections were held and Nelson Mandela won, he was the first black South African president.Apartheid definition, (in the Republic of South Africa) a rigid former policy of segregating and economically and politically oppressing the nonwhite population. See more.

18 facts about the 9-metre Mandela statue. Weighing in at more than 3.5 tons, the new statue of Nelson Rolihlala Mandela unveiled on Monday 16 December 2013 at the Union Buildings shows the father of the nation stretching out his arms. The Nelson Mandela statue at the Union Buildings in Pretoria is one of South Africa's national heritage sites.